Brendan Henry

Born in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. Grew up in Nova Scotia, grew up some more in Australia.

Heavily trained and experienced in photography, film production, graphic design, and web design & development.

Works digitally, or with physical medium, or paints, or whatever strikes my fancy.

Always up for a challenge, I enjoy working with clients long-term, because it allows me to help shape and understand their brand more effectively.

If you’re reaching out to work with me, know that I’m incredibly busy but also incredibly interested in new creative opportunities.

Previous & Current Clients

ADL Foods
Adyn Towns
Andrew Waite
The Barbershop Sessions
David Woodside
Evermoore Brewing Company
Film PEI
Furrow Creative
The Handpie Company
Holland College
The Humble Barber
Inn Echo
Insight Marketing
Logoworks Inc
Lone Oak Brewery
Music PEI
Paper Lions
Samuel’s Coffee House
The Soundmill Recording Studio
Thinking Big Inc
Toyota Canada
Watermark Theatre

And more…