OUT & OUT – Andrew Waite

A VFX extravaganza, director Brendan Henry didn’t pull any punches when conceptualizing and executing this rock music video. Check out the Behind The Scenes video as well to see how he approached the project.

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Churchill – Adyn Townes

Shooting from the hip with vintage lenses and an over-cranked shutter, the live video for Adyn Townes’s ‘Churchill’ gets you into the action at a recording session at the beautiful Sound Mill on PEI.

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From small budget artistic work, VFX work, all the way up to a full-scale film production, we can provide a creative who can conceptualize and execute a unique vision that will turn heads and engage your audience.

Minotaur is not a production company, and we are not a service provider. In working with us, you are working with an artist who can bring a concept to life with the help of some of the region’s top crews. If you have a goal in mind, we can propose a concept that could even exceed your expectations.

About the Director

Brendan Henry was born in Newfoundland, and raised in Nova Scotia and Australia. His passion for filmmaking led him to study film at a number of institutions, completing comprehensive certifications in digital compositing, filmmaking, documentary, and audio recording. After 6 years of work as a network operator and presentation coordinator in television, he began forging his own path and finding new ways to bring his unique visions to the screen.

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